Chapter 3204-3205



At this time, Guanghan mansion has completely restored its tranquility, and countless holy spirits have dissipated. No one can see that there have just been more than ten masters of the holy master. Because of the destruction of the natural calamity, people feel very desolate.

In the distance, a terrible breath came flying. Beside the breath, there was a figure, which was very ethereal. Two people flew over and instantly fell over the sky of Guanghan mansion and stood far away.

"Ha ha, master of Guanghan palace, you are all right. Eh, master Yaoguang is here, too This one should be the famous young Xia Qin Chen It's really handsome and extraordinary. "

As soon as these two people fell down, the leader of Yonghe mansion said with a smile.

The Lord of Yonghe mansion, dressed in a long black coat, was graceful and graceful, and looked like a gentleman. His breath was quite surging. Obviously, he was not a simple character.

The figure around him was a woman in silk, with a plum blossom brand in the center of her eyebrows. The plum blossom turned into seven snowflakes with a trace of cold ice on the road, which seemed a little misty and dusty.

This woman is no one else. She is asking the master of Lingxue palace, another top sect in cold weather.

When they came together, they made the master of Guanghan palace frown slightly. She said, "it turns out that they are the masters of Yonghe and Lingxue palace. Are you here to congratulate me on the destruction of Prince Ren's house by Guanghan palace and to cut off the evil forces of Han Tian and Hei Is it a little late "

The master of Guanghan palace is indifferent.

She was responding to each other. The news of Guanghan Palace's destruction of Prince Ren's house and other forces had already been heard many days ago. Most of the forces of the whole Wen Hantian had visited, such as tianyanzong and minghuige, who offered the most precious treasures such as the Holy Lord and the holy vein, indicating that she was willing to follow the steps of Guanghan palace.

Yonghe mansion is the closest to Guanghan mansion, but it has only come now. Obviously, it is lack of sincerity.

"Cough, Lord Guanghan, you misunderstood me." Yonghe's master gave a wry smile, "I didn't come to congratulate you at the first time. It's because some things are bound up. So this time, I specially contacted the palace master of Lingxue palace to plead guilty. In fact, I also wanted to explain it to the imperial master, so as not to misunderstand him."

"Oh Explain, explain what " The master of Guanghan Palace said faintly: "we are all asking about the forces of Hantian. It is actually the freedom of each faction. Although Guanghan mansion has destroyed forces such as Ren Wangfu, it is because the other party colludes with the demons to commit crimes and bring disaster to one side. If Yonghe mansion master doesn't do the right thing, I can't afford to ask Han Tian, I'm sorry for the people, so there's no need to explain to this palace."

"No, no, No." Yonghe master repeatedly waved his hands: "it's necessary to explain. Moreover, I came here with Lingxue palace master. I'm afraid that Guanghan palace master will misunderstand him. At this time, I have something to do with Lingxue palace master, so I'll come with you."

"Oh What's the reason The palace wants to know. " Gong Guang asked intentionally.

Qin Chen and Yao Guang were there, but they didn't speak. They also wanted to see what kind of medicine was sold in the gourd of Yonghe mansion.

"We have a very important thing about the rise and fall of the cold weather." Yonghe mansion master solemnly said: "the reason why Lingxue palace master and I did not come to Guanghan mansion for congratulation at the first time is that we found a mysterious space, which contains a huge treasure, which is left over from ancient times and seems to be the inheritance place of some top power in ancient times. Knowing that we can open this treasure, we can ask about the strength of Hantian, and even be able to do so Ten times more than that, countless masters of the LORD have been born. Even the Lord of Guanghan palace, you and I can step into the realm of the mid-term Lord. "

"What What treasure has such power. " The master of Guanghan palace pretended to be shocked and said, "we ask how terrible it is to increase the strength of Hantian ten times. You should know that we can all step into the realm of the mid-term Lord. Are you kidding me Do you know how difficult it is to enter the Middle Kingdom It's a dream I've been waiting for all my life. "

Under the breath of Guanghan palace master and Yaoguang holy master, they can deceive Yonghe palace master and Lingxue palace master.

"It is the inheritance of a top power in ancient times. The legendary holy land of refining weapons was the most powerful refining force in the heaven in the ancient Tianting era." The master of Yonghe mansion said: "it's said that this force is actually near the cold sky. We found the entrance of the mysterious space. Therefore, we suspect that the space may be the place of the ancient weapon refining force. Unfortunately, we can't enter it with the strength of Lingxue palace master and me. Master of Guanghan palace, you should know what this means "

"The holy land of ancient heaven" The master of Guanghan palace clearly knows that Yonghe mansion master and their coming here have ulterior motives, but they still have some yearning for, because she has heard of such a force from the inheritance of the supreme female emperor of Taiyin glass, and it seems that she is really asking about the cold sky area.

This news is very secret. In the eyes of Guanghan palace master, Yonghe mansion master should not have known about it. Now she was shocked.

"Qin Chen, the Lord of Yaoguang, is it true that the Lord of Yonghe mansion will not say it"

At this moment, she had some belief. If she could find the weapon refining power of the ancient heaven court, they asked how the strength of Han Tian would be improved Ten times, that's not a fantasy at all."Hum, what ancient heaven's weapon refining force is just a trick to deceive you. Do you really believe it" Qin Chen glanced at the palace master Guanghan and said, "my Lord, you all say that women have big breasts and no brains. You don't look like that kind of woman"


The master of Guanghan palace has a red face and a big chest. This Qin Chen is too much and dare to say so.

But I don't know why, she was so excited and happy.

Suddenly, he was very ashamed and angry.

Lord Yaoguang also heard the message and looked at Qin Chen speechlessly. Qin Chen was too bold. You know, the master of Guanghan palace is very hot. It looks cold. You can say that you can start with your hands. Although he has a good personal relationship with the master of Guanghan palace for so many years, he dare not make such a joke.

But seeing that the master of Guanghan palace didn't scold Qin Chen, instead, he was shy of a little woman. His face showed a strange color, and his eyes almost burst.

The master of Guanghan palace Can't be the spring heart sprouting

This Taboo love!

In terms of age, Guanghan palace master and Qin Chen are far away from each other. They are not people of the same era at all.

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